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Welcome to Buderim Bridge Club.

Welcome to our Bridge Club. Bridge is a popular card game that is played all over the world.

It is a game of skill, strategy and chance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Our Club provides a friendly and welcoming environment for players of all levels.

We offer regular games and tournaments, as well as lessons (commencing in February each year)

for beginners who are new to the game.

Our members enjoy playing bridge for many reasons, including the social aspect of the game,

the mental challenge it provides, and the opportunity to meet new people.

If you are interested in learning more about bridge or would like to join our Club, please contact us directly.

You will find us at the USC Cricket Club, 176 Ballinger Rd Buderim at 6pm on Mondays and

12.00pm Wednesdays and Fridays for our regular bridge sessions.

Happy Bridging

Sandi Owen



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